Non Surgical Fat Removal

Non surgical fat removal

Have you been exercising to the point of exhaustion, living on salad and denying
yourself all those little treats in order to get rid of your wobbly bits with little or no
result from the areas you are trying to target?

There is a lot of hype around ultrasound cavitation at the moment; technological
advances have made it possible to use low-frequency ultrasound for localised fat
reduction, around those stubborn areas such as love handles or jowls.

The treatment is the new alternative to liposuction for a number of reasons, such as, it
is non evasive, no need for anaesthetic, no down time and pain free.

Non surgical fat removal

The Lipofirm plus ultrasound treatment offers a low cost, high tech non-surgical
alternative to liposuction to achieve contouring so you can reach your body shape
goals. Try Non surgical fat removal in Brighton today!