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Acne is a very common problem and a cause of much heartache during our teenage years. Unfortunately, in many cases, it can affect your life long after you hit puberty as the scarring left by pimples is as bad as the breakouts themselves. There are a variety of acne scar treatment solutions available today, but which of them is the most effective and safe?

It’s hard to answer this question as every person’s reaction to various treatments varies. In addition, the extent of the scarring and some other factors affect the efficiency of different methods. Therefore, to find which is best, you’ll need to try several options and determine which works for you personally.

Most Popular Acne Scar Treatment Techniques

Understanding how different methods work should help you choose the right one for you. The most commonly used solutions are:

  • Creams and other skincare products.
    Please note that natural acne scar treatment solutions and professional creams are very different, though ‘technically’ both are skincare products. As scarring is a serious problem, homemade remedies are rarely efficient against it. They can work well for pigmentation as there are many effective natural whitening masks, lotions, and toners. However, when it comes to structural scarring that goes deep within the skin, you’ll need to use a cortisone cream. It will help with red and swollen scars as it reduces irritation and inflammation. Unfortunately, it does very little to stimulate collagen production in the affected areas, so it’s inefficient for skin resurfacing.
  • Filler treatments.
    Collagen injections are reasonably efficient when treating more severe types of acne scarring. If ‘dents’ in the skin are your main problem, this would be a great solution. The only problem with this method is that the results it produces are temporary. Therefore, you will need to repeat the procedure from time to time. The frequency will depend on the severity of the scars and your reaction to injections.
  • Laser acne scar removal.
    Laser treatments can be used to deal with both, acne and the scarring it produces. Among other things, laser can stimulate the production of collagen, the substance used to build skin cells. Therefore, it literally makes your body fill the scars from within. Unlike ‘artificial’, collagen injections, the results of this healing are permanent.

It’s true that there are many effective acne scar treatment solutions available today, but none of them are 100% efficient. Prevention is the best defense in these matters, so you should do your best to use the right acne treatments to ensure the scars don’t appear. If you aren’t sure how to do this, come to us at New Dawn Boutique and we’ll help you develop an efficient acne treatment program.

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