teenage acne treatment

I often get asked advice by my clients regarding their child’s teenage acne, it still never ceases to amaze me the advice they are given by the doctors and the products recommended to use.

In some severe cases of acne, a product called roacutane is prescribed for delicate skin, this has some awful side effects and often does not give the desired result, clear skin! Here are a few of the side effects;

  • Dry or fragile skin
  • Itching
  • Joint pains
  • Nosebleed
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Peeling palms or soles
  • Rash – continuing years later
  • Skin infections
  • Sunburn-sensitive skin

I am very passionate about skin care and educating people about what they are using on their skin; what’s in the products they use and how these may be causing irritation on the skin.

Teenage Acne Treatment – New Dawn Boutique

Due to my passion, I partnered with the IIAA around 8 years ago, I was looking to stock a good make up brand that was a natural as possible to use on acneic and problematic skin. I started researching Jane Iredale Mineral make up and believed it to be the best fit for my business. I was very happy to discover that not only did they provide a good mineral make up they also developed products to treat acne and problematic skins internally, Accumax.

I have never been disappointed in Jane Iredale Mineral make up and personally would not use anything else on my skin.

Unlike many high street brands such as Mac and Bare minerals, which by the way, only carry between 4-7% in mineral, Jane Iredale is 100% mineral; meaning it will not block pores, cause sensitisation or harbour bacteria. This can not be said for the other brands which contain sensitisers, talc and fillers that stop the skin from breathing, can irritate and create problematic skin.

This is especially worrying when high street brands are at the top of most teenagers wish list, at a time when the skin needs to be nourished and cared for, with the most natural ingredients possible; it is instead being blocked and irritated.

We know how difficult it is to explain and be heard as a parent, so we are offering child & parent one to one consultations with a trained therapist, who can discuss all of your options.

Our philosophy is to treat the skin from within with Accumax, nourish and fortify and protect with Jane Iredale Mineral make up.

Special offer, one-hour consultation plus a free starter kit worth £39.95 all this for just £20!

teenage acne treatment

Radio frequency facelift

In the past few years of working with the Lipofirm Plus plus for skin tightening I have had the pleasure of performing the radio frequency facelift, for both men and women who have wanted to recapture their youth.

What they have all had in common is their passion for finding a treatment that delivers the promise of less wrinkled, plumper younger looking skin without the use of fillers, botox and surgery.

One client summed it up nicely when she said “I would like my skin to look tighter, but I don’t want to look like I have been in a wind tunnel”. I feel this sums the essence of my whole ethos regarding anti-ageing.

You may now be wondering what the treatment entails, let me explain;

Radio Frequency facelift are a non-surgical wrinkle treatment- also referred to as the “non-surgical facelift”. These treatments are FDA Approved and carry no risk.

Irina side before and after

Radio frequency facelift : Benefits

Radio frequency facelift delivers two different effects:

Thermal Energy – The main of premise of the treatment is radio frequency; this thermal energy penetrates deep into the skin, causing a heating of the dermal layer. In response fresh healthy collagen is realised, this works its way to the surface of the skin; where new collagen fibres are created in the fibroblasts. Resulting in tighter plumper skin, in addition there is an increase of oxygen and nutrients which become available to further support the natural regenerative processes.

Stimulation Using the micro-current provides stimulation to the surface of the skin by the use of the hand piece. Massage encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin, heling to maintain the health of the epidermis, leaving you with a youthful “glow”.

Radiofrequency Facelift delivers a non-invasive, safe and painless treatment to recover the youthfulness of your skin. A clinical study of this radio frequency facelift facial reported a significant reduction in wrinkles in over 80% of patients treated. This reduction was evident three months after the last treatment, promising long-lasting results, with instant improvement.

Radio frequency facelift

The technology of Radio frequency has transformed the removal of wrinkles and fine lines, creating a promising alternative or complement to Advance nutrition Programme and anti-ageing make up range.

During the radio frequency facial the anti-ageing products drive deeper into the dermis and cutaneous layers of the skin, causing a two pronged attack. The effects of this are lifting, firming, plumping and lessening of wrinkles, improved skin tightness, whilst also promoting the natural production of collagen.Irina front before and after

Radio frequency is suitable for both face and body rejuvenation.  It allows the therapist to treat different types of blemishes on the face, neck, décolleté and body and areas plagued with skin relaxation (e.g. arms and inner thigh), ptosis (droopy eyelid) and cellulite.

£100 per session or book a course of 10 & benefit from 25% off.

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weight loss programme

Hi all,

Are you fed up of trying in vain to lose weight or find it difficult attaining your health goals, what are you waiting for? Whilst you are agonising over becoming healthy your whole life is just flying by.

For the past few years I have become particularly interested in healthy living due to my own personal health issues. During this time I have listened to many of my clients’ personal experiences regarding weight loss, advice they have received, diets they have adopted and the various success that has been achieved.

weight loss programme

Many weight loss plans, in my opinion, do very little to address the emotional aspect of an unhealthy lifestyle or do not empower its users to introduce a long-term, sustainable eating regime.  We are flooded by fad diets, in magazines, telephone adverts and the like, promising fast dramatic results. Typically these diets do not provide long-term success and are generally unhealthy. In fact, many of these diets may be pretty dangerous to your health.  Below are a few examples:


Diet Type Some Examples
Controlled Carbohydrates
  • Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
  • The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet
  • Protein Power
  • Sugar Busters
  • The Zone
High Carbohydrate/Low Fat
  • Dr. Dean Ornish: Eat More, Weigh Less
  • The Good Carbohydrate Revolution
  • The Pritikin Principle
Controlled Portion Sizes
  • Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss
  • Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan
Food Combining
  • Fit for Life
  • Suzanne Somers’ Somersizing
Liquid Diets
  • Cambridge Diet
  • Slim-Fast
Diet Pills/Herbal Remedies
  • Dexatrim Natural
  • Hydroxycut
  • Metabolife 356
  • Eat Right For Your Type: The Blood Type Diet
  • Macrobiotics
  • Mayo Clinic Diet*



Research from Stanford University showed that dieters who received educational support, learning techniques on how to stabilise their weight through “weight maintenance”, tended to regain over 50% less weight compared to their control group, after the 20 week programme ended (just an average of 3lb instead of 7lb).

The Ultimate Weight Loss Programme – New Dawn Boutique

You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a solution to healthy weight loss; the Ultimate Lifestyle Plan offers a unique and bespoke nutritional programme that not only looks at your diet, it also addresses the emotional barrier created when it comes to obtaining your health and lifestyle goals.

It will address the fear and overwhelming feelings one may have about food choice, preparation, where to source healthy ingredients and how to incorporate it around your family and work commitments.

This programme seeks to empower and enable you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Say goodbye to your unhealthy lifestyle and welcome a whole new you!

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Collagen Facial Treatment

Radio Frequency at New Dawn Boutique

Radio frequency ‘collagen facial treatment’ is fast becoming the popular treatment for staying young, with celebrities like like Angelina Jolie and Amanda Holden choosing this instead of using botox.

So what is radio frequency?

Radio frequency facials are the ultimate non-invasive treatment, used to effectively reverse the signs of ageing and tighten sagging, loose skin and wrinkles.

At some time the tell-tale signs of ageing are going to sneak up on you, eyebrows start to droop, lines become more prominent, (we tell ourselves they are just laughter lines), the jaw line starts heading south and we look older than we feel.

In a desperate bid to turn back time many of us stock our shelves with expensive creams we see advertised promising to make us look 10 years older, but rarely do they deliver, rather leave us disappointed with large dent in our bank balance.

In desperation, many men and women opt for even more expensive anti-ageing solutions, such as Botox, fillers and painful surgery. All of which come with dangerous side effects and, in some instances fatal consequences.

Collagen Facial Treatment

Now there is an alternative to all of this; the radio frequency facial is a fantastic alternative for women and men who want to grow old gracefully without going under the surgeon’s knife and looking as if they have been in a wind tunnel!

collagen facial treatment

This treatment lifts and tightens the skin by passing radio frequency waves through the dermis; by doing so, we break down old fragile collagen causing new collagen to regrow thus lifting and tightening the skin.

This also gives the skin an improved and fresh appearance. The treatment uses an electrode that are gently massaged onto the skin giving you a warm, relaxing sensation whilst sending radio frequency waves deep into the dermis to reactivate the generation of collagen (see image below).

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fat loss

Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment that requires no anesthesia, leaves no scars, causes no discomfort, no down-time and offers a risk-free alternative to liposuction; resulting in instant fat loss in the cells.

Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to create the natural disposal of dormant energy trapped inside the fat cell. The ultrasound causes bubbles to form in the liquid surrounding the fat cells, the bubbles gradually increase in size; imploding at certain size. The energy in the presence of heat (minor effect) and pressure wave (major effect) is released. This essentially causes the fat cell to rupture, whilst sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue. The result is instant fat loss.

Fat Loss – Cavitation Q & A:

  • What Happens to the Released Fat?

Following disruption of adipose cells, represented as triglycerides, is released into the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells, here they are enzymatically metabolised into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is water soluble so therefore absorbed by the circulatory system and utilised as an energy source, the free fatty acids are non-soluble therefore are transported to the liver and processed in the same way fatty acids from food are dealt with.

  • Is the Instant Fat Loss Treatment painful?

The fat loss treatment does not cause any pain, however, due to the ultra sound noise you may experience slight discomfort whilst you can hear this but it is not harmful and disappears as soon as the hand piece is removed from your skin.

  • Are there any Side Effects?

There may be some slight redness and a need for hydration immediately post treatment, easily resolved by drinking water. These are generally short lived effects and dissipate in few hours to few days. The treatment is clinically safe, it must be noted that the cavitation is may not be used on clients with an acute illness, issues with liver function, severe bleeding tendencies, pace makers, or during pregnancy.

  • What Are the Expected Instant Fat Loss Treatment Results?

The cavitation treatment produces immediate and long lasting results.  Most of the clients experience an inch loss after just one session with increasing results after each treatment. The results may differ with various tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Maintaining a healthy diet and increasing physical activity will definitely improve and help to maintain the results.





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intimate waxing

Welcome to our second April blog of 2015. This time around, we’re focusing on waxing and in particular intimate waxing.

Whether you’re new to waxing – or seasoned at this long lasting hair removal treatment, read on for the full spec on New Dawn Boutique’s intimate waxing…

Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hair from its root resulting in much slower re-growth, leaving skin silky smooth and hair free for considerably longer.  Waxing is the longest lasting temporary hair removal solution.

Whilst the technique is essentially the same, wax can be applied either hot or cold. The results differ slightly depending on the temperature of the wax.

At New Dawn Boutique, we have many years’ experience of this favoured hair removal system – and are able to achieve exceptional results, which is evident from our client testimonials…


“I went to New Dawn today for a full leg and bikini wax. I am often not completely satisfied with waxing, as my hairs grow in different directions and therapists always seem to leave bits. However, Dawn managed to leave my legs completely smooth, I would definitely recommend this salon and will go back.”


“I have attended New Dawn on several occasions for various treatments, waxing, laser, radiofrequency, facials and cavitation. It is due to the pure professionalism, the efficiency and personable attitude of the staff that brings me back each time. I trust no one else! I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn and her staff to friends, family and strangers a like.”


Intimate Waxing Using Hot Wax:

For intimate and sensitive areas of the body, we use hot wax – the benefits of which are listed below.

  • The heat of a hot wax helps to open the pores and hair follicles, making hair removal easier.
  • Hot wax helps to strip hair without irritating your skin.
  • Hot wax provides a better grip of hair than cold wax.
  • Removing shorter hair is easier with hot wax.
  • Hot wax creates less reddening of the skin.

General Waxing Tips:


Hair should ideally be 1cm long to achieve best results. Wear loose underwear for intimate waxing and loose clothing for all other areas. Approximately four treatments will ensure your hair growth runs to its natural cycle and will in turn provide optimum waxing results. Always exfoliate prior to a wax – this will lift / remove any in growing hair.


Keep the treated area clean and dry, wear loose clothing and avoid heat exposure, swimming or exercise for a day or two. Do not use perfumed lotions or creams on the waxed area. Exfoliate after one week of your treatment and continue to do so once a week to minimise in-growing hairs. We recommend your next treatment is 4-6 weeks following initial wax. This will help your hair cycle to establish its regular pattern.

Click here for our waxing treatments page including all areas covered and associated pricing.

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Welcome to our first of two April blogs for 2015. When it comes to nails, we provide standard maintenance treatments, all the way up to luxurious pampering. Using only the highest quality products, to boost nail strength and growth, for both manicures and pedicures.

Gelish Nails Brighton – New Dawn Boutique

Tired of chipped nail varnish? Just choose from one of our select Harmony Gelish manicures or pedicures.

With more colours available than the Shellac alternative – we will find the prefect tone for any occasion…

Gelish Nails Benefits:

• Application – ‘Gelish’ is not only renowned for its easy application. You are in very safe hands with New Dawn’s professional nail technicians.

• Time – Forget waving and blowing to dry. With our Gelish manicures, you can carry on regardless. Nails are touch dry in just 30 seconds.

• Long Lasting & Hardwearing – Gelish manicures last up to three weeks with no chipping.

• Vibrant Colour – No need to refresh your manicure with layers of topcoat.

• Nails Feel Stronger – Gelish can help protect the growth of natural nails.

• Kind To Your Nails & Skin – Gelish causes no damage, and can be removed without detriment to your natural nails.

Gelish Nails Brighton – Gelish Vs Shellac:

1.  Gelish manicures use an LED not UV lamps to cure and set polish. UV lamps will cause damage to the hands after just 7 treatments.

2.  A Gelish manicure is considerably shorter than a Shellac.

3.  Gelish offer more choice of colours than Shellac.

4.  Gelish is more hard wearing.
In addition to Gel Nails, we also provide a full range of manicure and pedicure treatments as follows:

A thorough maintenance treatment that includes nail shaping, nail soaking, cuticle tidy, hand exfoliation, hand and arm massage, and application of a colour polish of your choice.

Luxury Manicure:
A luxurious treat that combines a thorough manicure with an indulgent and nourishing tangerine, ginger and sandalwood heated mask and mitt, resulting in silky smooth hands.

This treatment involves a foot soak, removal of dead skin, nail filing, cuticle tidy, a relaxing foot and lower leg massage and application of colour polish of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure:
This deeply nourishing and relaxing foot treatment combines a thorough pedicure with a lime, sandalwood, ginger and salt foot scrub to remove hard skin followed by a warm, hydrating foot mask to lock in moisture. Leaves feet feeling refreshed and energised.

Click here for prices and customer testimonials.

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Reflexology Brighton

Welcome to New Dawn Boutique’s March blog – giving you the must read on Reflexology Brighton…

Not only do we promote and deliver innovative health and beauty treatments at our clinic – we also advocate some of the oldest therapies known to humankind. Why? Because they work!

Reflexology Brighton – what is it?

Reflexology is the ancient Chinese practice of using manual therapy, focusing on the feet and hands. Certain areas on the soles of your feet or hands – (known as reflex zones) – contain millions of nerve endings, which correspond to other parts of the body. This massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself.

For 3,000 years Chinese practitioners have used reflexology to re-balance Qi (the life force flowing through energy channels) to treat a number of conditions. It can work well alongside conventional Western medical, to promote healing to improve wellbeing and vitality.

The Chinese believe that reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.
For example – a therapist might massage your big toe and ankle to calm your endocrine and reproductive system, helping relieve PMS or menopausal symptoms.

Reflexology Brighton – Benefits:

Reflexology is suitable for all ages. It provides relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

• Hormonal imbalances
• Menopause
• Back pain
• Migraines, headaches
• Sleep disorders
• Digestive problems
• Circulatory problems
• Stress related disorders
• Arthritis

How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions will vary by your own health and the initial reasons for having reflexology. Results from reflexology can often be quite subtle and are cumulative. So in turn, benefits will be more apparent from regular treatments.

If a specific illness or condition is being targeted, we might suggest more frequent sessions. A general recommendation is to begin with a single session every week, for 6-8 weeks, followed by a “tune-up” every four weeks.

Call New Dawn Boutique today – 01273 555 592 – for your initial Reflexology Brighton consultation, and let us show you how this ancient Chinese art can help you relieve, revive and replenish the real you…

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£25.00 for one hour…

IPL Hair Removal Brighton – New Dawn Boutique

We all need a little help with unwanted hair from time to time – and at New Dawn Boutique, Brighton’s specialist laser and beauty salon, we have the answer.

We’ve all tried (and tested) the standard options:


Pulling out individual hairs one by one works for smaller areas of the face – lasts 3 to 8 weeks, however, if the hair breaks off it can grow back under the skin causing ingrown hair.


Great for larger areas of hair – lasts 1 to 3 days, however; possible side effects are ingrown hairs – especially in the bikini area!


Again – great for larger areas of the body with hair – lasts 3 to 6 weeks, side effects are redness, bumps and it’s also possible that infection can occur around the hair follicles.

IPL Hair Removal Brighton – Using Ecolite Technology

IPL short for Intense Pulsed Light – is the revolutionary laser technology, delivering virtually pain-free and non-invasive laser treatments. IPL laser hair removal can be used on any area of the body, quickly and easily – with amazing results.

The roots are destroyed with high intensity flashes of filtered light, administered through the IPL applicator head. A pigment in the hair called melanin absorbs the light energy, transferring it to surrounding cells and raising cell temperatures. This heat alters the cells, making them incapable of further hair growth!

Don’t just take our word for it, Dr Cameron Rokshar, MD – the renowned New York City dermatologist has been quoted as saying …

“Laser hair removal really is the most effective way to have long-term hair reduction,” “It’s as permanent as it gets…”

IPL Hair Removal Brighton – Treatment Times

Treatment times vary according to the area treated, and are surprisingly short. The upper lip takes just 5 minutes, basic bikini 10-15 minutes and half a leg 20 minutes.

With warmer weather approaching in the next month or two – now is the perfect time to start the permanent treatment for removing unwanted hair.

If you have any questions or queries regarding IPL Hair Removal Brighton – feel free to contact us on 01273 555 592 – and why not take advantage of our current 25% discount on all laser treatments!

Best Cellulite Treatments – New Dawn Boutique

Regardless of your size and shape – it’s very possible that you’re one of 95% of women that have cellulite.

Causes can be hormonal, genetic and lifestyle related – and recommended cellulite treatments can vary all the way from ‘kettle bells’, to ‘coffee scrubs’!

With so much weird and wonderful information available on-line, New Dawn has compiled a practical check-list, to get you on the road to significant cellulite removal (free of lumps and bumps)!

Best Cellulite Treatments – Diet & Lifestyle

• Eat a clean, alkaline, unprocessed diet: This means eating alkaline forming foods. (Foods that leave an alkaline ash in the body). The key is a gradual increase of fresh produce – most of which should be vegetables.

• Hydrate and flush: LOTS of Water – Herbal Tea – whilst avoiding Tea & Coffee.

• Swapping Salt: Swap refined (table) salt for Sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt
Best Cellulite Treatments – Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation is a new, revolutionary European fat removal technique that does NOT involve surgery. Ultrasound Cavitation requires no needles, no pain, no exercise and no recovery time!

During the treatment, the Lipofirm Plus device works by converting fat cells to liquid. The body, through urine and the metabolism, naturally eliminates this liquid.

Best Cellulite Treatments / Ultrasound Cavitation – Q&A

Q. How much time should elapse between sessions?
A. The body eliminates the fat of single a session in approximately 3 – 5 days, so we recommend an interval of around one week between each session.

Q. Is ultrasound cavitation painful?
A. No, it’s a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain

Q. Is ultrasound cavitation a safe treatment?
A. Yes, it’s a non-surgical procedure without anaesthesia.

Q. Which are the areas where treatment is more effective?
A. All areas with localised fat: thighs, abdomen and buttocks are the most appropriate, but there is no real limitation as to areas of the body.

Q. Can you lose weight with ultrasonic cavitation?
A. Cavitation is not a weight loss, but a reshape.

So what are you waiting for – get in touch with us today and let us help you achieve the new you at New Dawn.

Call us on 01273 555 592 with any questions or queries that you might have – if you book our recommended 8 sessions now, you’ll receive a £240 discount!