Sick of fad diets? Gimmicky exercise DVD’s? Don’t want invasive surgery to help with fat removal?

At New Dawn Boutique, we utilise Lipofirm Plus technology, to permanently remove unwanted fat cells.

• Fast Results
• Safe and Pain Free
• Significantly Reduces Cellulite
• Permanently Removes Unwanted Fat Cells
• Tightens & Firms Loose Skin
• Medically Certified
• No Need for Exercise or Diet during Treatment

This award winning inch loss, body contouring and skin tightening system is now available in Brighton’s Fiveways at New Dawn Boutique…

Lipofirm Plus

– what is it?
This amazing treatment permanently removes fat cells, tightens, and firms the skin in the area of your choice. It significantly reduces cellulite as well as giving you substantial inch loss.

Immediate results of typically 2-4cm loss with every Lipofirm session.

Lipofirm is extremely affordable and hugely cheaper than liposuction or invasive surgery. It’s completely safe and painless – and unlike alternative laser LIPO treatments, there’s no need to exercise or diet whilst having a course of treatments.

Lipofirm Plushow does it work?

A specific area of your body is targeted using Cavitation to breakdown fat cells. A hand piece emitting ultrasound is then massaged over the target area, to disperse the fat cells, (the ultrasound turns the fat cells into liquid, which is then naturally emitted with urine).

Lipofirm PlusHow safe is it?

It is a safe procedure that can be applied to anyone. However, a detailed consultation should be carried out, along with a report of the complete medical history.

Not Convinced Yet?

We’re so confident in the results of the Lipofirm Plus fat removal treatment, that we’re offering a 20% discount on our trial offer for a single session!

Trial Treatment: £80 (Usual price £100)

8 Session Course: £570 (Usual price £800)

Contact us today for your consultation – 01273 555 592


Patients with kidney failure, liver failure, carrying a pacemaker or other electronic devices, pregnancy, lactation, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, should avoid this procedure.

Radio frequency facials are the ultimate non-invasive treatment, used to effectively reverse the signs of ageing and tighten sagging, loose skin and wrinkles.

At some time the tell-tale signs of ageing are going to sneak up on you, eyebrows start to droop, lines become more prominent, (we tell ourselves they are just laughter lines), the jaw line starts heading south and we look older than we feel.

In a desperate bid to turn back time many of us stock our shelves with expensive creams we see advertised promising to make us look 10 years older, but rarely do they deliver, rather leave us disappointed with large dent in our bank balance,.

In desperation many men and women other opt for even more expensive anti-ageing solutions such as, Botox, fillers and painful surgery, which all come with dangerous side effects and in some instances fatal consequences.

Now there is an alternative to all of this; the radio frequency facial is a fantastic alternative for women and men who want to grow old gracefully without going under the surgeon’s knife and looking as if they have been in a wind tunnel!

Radio frequency is a non-surgical face lift, is a relaxing thermal treatment that naturally stimulates collagen production and strengthens the skin’s structure with the need for no surgery, no pain and no recovery time; to achieve tightened skin, reduced pores and brighter, improved skin tone.

All achieved with minimal risks.

Tissue Retraction – the generated heat contracts local collagen fibres, immediately tightening the skin and rejuvenating the effects of ageing.

Does ultrasound cavitation really work for fat reduction?

I often receive enquiries asking if ultrasound cavitation really works, the answer is yes! The treatment is clinically proven and can be used on stubborn areas of fat and loose skin and genuinely offers an alternative to liposuction, without the risks or complications associated with surgery.

This treatment is suitable whatever your needs, weather you are naturally slim but have a little loose skin or maybe you have been exercising to the point of exhaustion; achieving inch loss from all the areas you don’t wish to and not from the areas you do. Perhaps you have been trying in vain to shift that last bit of pregnancy weight with frustrating results? Alternatively, you may already have reached your weight goals but still have areas that haven’t shown improvement and need a helping hand.

Ultrasound cavitation may provide, a reduction in fat and improve skin laxity on stubborn areas, resulting in inch loss, smoother appearance and skin tightness. See instant visible results after just one session and for months after. Unlike liposuction this treatment is area specific, pain free, requires no down time and doesn’t come with the price tag of surgery.


“I have had four sessions on both my stomach and on the back of the top of my legs. I was very impressed with the results and even my husband who would normally write this type of stuff off could see the difference straight away. A few years ago i had lost quite a bit of weigh and the treatment has really tightened up the extra skin around my stomach. I just only wish i had continued to work out at the same time to see even better results!

New Dawn has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a great location, much nicer than a faceless high street salon.”
Z. John