February is upon us – well known for its wet, cold and downright miserable weather, springtime can feel like a lifetime away…

New Dawn Boutique has the perfect treatment to lift more than just your spirits…

If you’ve not heard of it – then allow us introduce the ‘non surgical facelift’ using radio frequency.

With no need for going under the knife – this non-invasive procedure reverses the signs of ageing, tightens sagging skin, and reduces wrinkles.

The Treatment: No surgery, no pain and no recovery time.

The Outcome: Tightened skin, enlarged pores and brighter, enhanced skin tone.

Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

how does it work?
Electrical pulses are emitted directly onto the skin using a hand piece. This heats the dermis, (the deepest dermal layer) without damaging the epidermis (the surface skin layer).

This process stimulates new collagen growth, which improves skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance skin density.

Non Surgical FaceliftThe science behind the treatment:

Tissue Retraction:
The heat contracts local collagen fibres, immediately tightening the skin and rejuvenating the effects of ageing.

New Collagen Formation:
The activated fibres stimulate collagen production that acts as a new deep skin foundation. Further tightening becomes evident over the next few months.

Improved Circulation:
The treatment improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, providing increased oxygen supply and greater toxin elimination.

Non Surgical FaceliftBenefits:

• Improves the skins texture and its circulation
• A very safe alternative to cosmetic surgery
• Enlarged pores are tightened + any scar tissue is softened
• Reduces puffiness & fluid retention around the eyes
• Tones facial muscles
• Softens any lines and wrinkles
• Clinically proven and pain free
• Visible results after just one treatment

Will a Non Surgical Facelift work for me?

The simple answer is yes! Our clients have been quoted as saying that a non surgical facelift using radio frequency has held their entire face up – and are now using it over and above their regular Botox treatment!

Clients notice the difference after just one session and one in particular, went on to lose 7lbs, all because of the positive effect it had on her appearance!

Contact us today for your personal consultation. Each session is just £100.00 – however, a 30% discount will be applied for a course of 8 treatments.


Yumeiho Therapy / Yumeiho Massage – Brighton is a new and exciting therapy now on offer at New Dawn. Are you living with aches and pains, feel stiff when waking or ignoring constant pain?  I have had many treatments over the years to try and address various issues with varied success. However, I was so impressed with Yumeiho that I am offering a massive 50% off the first treatment so you too can experience the benefits for yourself.

Yumeiho Massage Therapy – New Dawn Boutique

It uses 100 different techniques, including remedial massage compression & mobilisation of the joints carried out painlessly.  This is a holistic Japanese remedial massage and manual therapy used to treat many medical conditions as well as to improve mental and physical health.

Yumeiho® Therapy – Brighton works with 3 types of techniques: remedial massage and manual therapy used to treat many medical conditions as well as to improve mental and physical health;

  • Thrust-kneading method.
  • Point pressure techniques.
  • SEITAI – “Japanese chiropractic”.

“Let us think of the structure of a building. It has the foundation,pillars, and the roof. Needless to say, steadfast groundwork is necessary for construction of the foundation. If the foundation is shaky, pillars and the roof will falter or fall down, no matter how stately and luxuriously they appear.

The same thing is true of the human body.  The foundation matches the hipbones, and the pillars backbones. If the hipbones are out of place, the backbones bend.”  Saijonji Masajuki, founder of Yumeiho® therapy.
Yumeiho® Therapy – Brighton is recommended for:

any kind of back pain,

lumbago and sciatica,

slipped discs,

stiffness or pain in the neck and shoulders,

children scoliosis,

sport injuries,

pain in the hip joints, knees, ankles, toes and ribs,

various headaches,

menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, infertility,

illnesses of the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, pancreas, kidneys,
spleen, bladder etc.

Your Yumeiho® Therapy treatment will last 60 minutes and you should wear your comfortable garments, you can change in the treatment room beforehand.

First appointment assessment and treatment for just £25 thats a whopping 50% off

“One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer”

A healthy lifestyle could lower the lifetime risk from 50% to 30%.

It has been predicted on BBC News, that at least half of the UK population will suffer from one type of Cancer during their lives.

A rather distressing statistic, yet so many scientists now realise that the main cause of these Cancers is from ‘free radicals’ and how they destroy and mutate the life cells.

Antioxidants Vs Cancer

The No 1 protector from free radical damage is antioxidants and not just from your fruit and veg. We are talking about super – antioxidants in a pure unadulterated form.

Click here if you want to know more about this – The very bases of life cell protection and renewal

What can we contribute?

Well a whole lot, even more than we can say!  Our face and body oils are pure unadulterated vital oils, that’s 100% super – antioxidants.

So, can massaging a super – antioxidant oil in after showering have the same impact as nicotine patches do, or how pain killers go through the skin. Well that’s not for us to say, but I make sure I use my body oil like a body lotion every day after showering.

It’s ironic that when you get cancer you’re told by doctors to stop using harsh chemical personal care products, why not stop using them before you get it?

As leading scientists say, introducing large amounts of antioxidants is preventive, well you can’t get any better than using our Natural Elements products …

I was informed lately by one of my friends that a large clinic in town were claiming that laser hair removal  was a more effective way of removing unwanted hair, than IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Shortly following this I was asked by a client which method of hair removal is the best, IPL or Laser? As far as I was aware there is little difference between the two methods and both applications will produce similar results, however, I wanted to be able to substantiate this.

During my research I found a journal which supports my assumption, the report found that lasers and light (IPL) devices have similar outcomes in patients with skin types I–III. It also stated that laser was considered to be more painful, based on this I would suggest that IPL would be a better choice.

Read more:  http://www.palomarmedical.com/uploaddocs/goldberg-hair_clinical-comparison-of-four-hair-removal-lasers.pdf


Brighton Laser Hair Removal – Are you getting your money’s worth?

There are an endless selection of IPL laser devices on the market, and an also an assortment
of claims being made. Companies selling affordable IPL laser equipment are not always
reputable companies; thus, do not have the consumer or client at the forefront of their
concern. This may result in poor customer service, lack of information being imparted at the
consultation stage and also a reduced outcome.

It is vital when seeking treatments like
Brighton Laser Hair Removal that the equipment being used by the therapist has been
sourced from trustworthy supplier.

You can be confident that here at New Dawn we are working with quality IPL laser
equipment and are fully trained in the use of our equipment, increasing your success hence
maximising your investment.

Brighton Laser Hair Removal