Laser Hair Removal Brighton – In the last few years there has been a plethora of laser clinics and therapists offering IPL laser hair removal, in Brighton. In October 2010 the deregulation of IPL treatments made it possible for anyone to operate this type of equipment. There is still currently no restrictions on who can purchase and operate IPL laser equipment.

When I started my training in IPL laser hair removal it was a requirement to be referred by a reputable laser equipment manufacturer or if you were not the requirement was to register both your premises and any therapist using the equipment with the Health Care Commission. It was also advised to complete a laser burns course at Guys and St Thomas’ hospital and adhere to a list of stringent rules and regulations.

Laser Hair Removal Brighton

It is now possible for anyone to purchase IPL laser equipment directly from a laser equipment supplier and complete a days training with the company. Following this it is possible to start treating immediately, it’s as simple as that.

The Government has declared that up to 3400 more people could be injured each year as a consequence of the deregulation.

There are many risks associated by being treated by someone who is untrained in the area of IPL laser. In some fatal cases therapist wrongly diagnosing melanomas as pigmentation can lead to further skin damage.

It is important to ensure you are receiving IPL laser from a fully trained therapist, here at New Dawn you will receive a thorough consultation and only the very best treatment, so you can rest assured you are in capable hands.

Laser Hair Removal Brighton

Does ultrasound cavitation really work for fat reduction?

I often receive enquiries asking if ultrasound cavitation really works, the answer is yes! The treatment is clinically proven and can be used on stubborn areas of fat and loose skin and genuinely offers an alternative to liposuction, without the risks or complications associated with surgery.

This treatment is suitable whatever your needs, weather you are naturally slim but have a little loose skin or maybe you have been exercising to the point of exhaustion; achieving inch loss from all the areas you don’t wish to and not from the areas you do. Perhaps you have been trying in vain to shift that last bit of pregnancy weight with frustrating results? Alternatively, you may already have reached your weight goals but still have areas that haven’t shown improvement and need a helping hand.

Ultrasound cavitation may provide, a reduction in fat and improve skin laxity on stubborn areas, resulting in inch loss, smoother appearance and skin tightness. See instant visible results after just one session and for months after. Unlike liposuction this treatment is area specific, pain free, requires no down time and doesn’t come with the price tag of surgery.


“I have had four sessions on both my stomach and on the back of the top of my legs. I was very impressed with the results and even my husband who would normally write this type of stuff off could see the difference straight away. A few years ago i had lost quite a bit of weigh and the treatment has really tightened up the extra skin around my stomach. I just only wish i had continued to work out at the same time to see even better results!

New Dawn has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a great location, much nicer than a faceless high street salon.”
Z. John

Non Surgical Facelift – New Dawn Boutique

We are constantly being bombarded by images of film stars, musicians and models
that look flawless in a bid to keep up with societies ideals of perfection, but at what

When I was young my grand parents looked and acted like grand parents, these days
it’s not uncommon for grand parents to be mistaken as parents and mothers as sisters,
etc. Of course I want to maintain my youthful appearance but I don’t want to look like
a pumped up version of myself, I want to look my age and look good for it!

Botox, fillers and surgery are all costly procedures that carry various risks and
complications and in many cases it is evident who are using them as a means to turn
back time.

Non Surgical Facelift Brighton

With the advancement of alternative non-surgical treatments it is now possible to
achieve a younger looking appearance by using the bodys’ natural processes.

Medical organisations, such as, Harley Street are now offering a non evasive skin
tightening treatment namely, Thermage, this essentially uses tripolar radio frequency.

At New Dawn in Brighton we also offer this innovative treatment using the Lipofirm plus radio
frequency skin tightening system – A non surgical facelift.


I usually have botox and should have had a top up 3 months ago but these facials
seem to be holding my whole face up.

Wow my skin felt better straight away, and I noticed it looked tighter after my first

Seeing the change in my appearance has had a knock on effect, I have started dieting
and have lost 7lbs, which is all down to the treatments I have had.


Non surgical fat removal

Have you been exercising to the point of exhaustion, living on salad and denying
yourself all those little treats in order to get rid of your wobbly bits with little or no
result from the areas you are trying to target?

There is a lot of hype around ultrasound cavitation at the moment; technological
advances have made it possible to use low-frequency ultrasound for localised fat
reduction, around those stubborn areas such as love handles or jowls.

The treatment is the new alternative to liposuction for a number of reasons, such as, it
is non evasive, no need for anaesthetic, no down time and pain free.

Non surgical fat removal

The Lipofirm plus ultrasound treatment offers a low cost, high tech non-surgical
alternative to liposuction to achieve contouring so you can reach your body shape
goals. Try Non surgical fat removal in Brighton today!