Areas of stubborn of fat and cellulite can now effectively be treated with the award winning Lipofirm Plus.  The system  is an inch loss, body contouring and skin tightening system.  It uses processes of ultrasound cavitation  and radio frequency  to destroy fat cells, reduce cellulite and tighten skin.  The device has four different operation modes variable to the skin imperfection being treated and individual skin characteristics. Medically certified, it’s a great, non-surgical alternative to both lipo suction and face / body lifts.

I was so impressed with my personal results of fat and cellulite reduction after just a 40-minute treatment that I had to share my story.  It’s the best endorsement I can give.   The treatment itself was pain-free and actually quite a pleasant.  I had a c-section 15 years ago which left me with loose skin and a little overhang on my tummy (pretty common I believe).  I also have a scar on the right-hand side of my stomach.  Despite maintaining a healthy diet and working out, I have never been able to improve the appearance of my stomach.   After just one treatment my stomach was noticeably smoother and both the loose skin and scar have improved.  I’m so excited to see how much more I can achieve after the recommended 8-session course.  I’ve included some photos taken before and after, and whilst it pains me to put photos of myself all over the Internet, I think you will all agree the results speak for themselves.

I’m thrilled that the equipment really does live up to its claims.  It is worth mentioning that this is not cold laser therapy (like strawberry laser that requires post-treatment exercise).  All you have to do after Lipofim Plus is avoid alcohol for 24 hours, for results that last for at least 24 months.  What’s not to love?!


After a course of treatments the results show improved appearance in the tone and texture of the area treated.


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£100 usually £140 when booking a course of 8


Offer valid until June 2014


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