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We all need a little help with unwanted hair from time to time – and at New Dawn Boutique, Brighton’s specialist laser and beauty salon, we have the answer.

We’ve all tried (and tested) the standard options:


Pulling out individual hairs one by one works for smaller areas of the face – lasts 3 to 8 weeks, however, if the hair breaks off it can grow back under the skin causing ingrown hair.


Great for larger areas of hair – lasts 1 to 3 days, however; possible side effects are ingrown hairs – especially in the bikini area!


Again – great for larger areas of the body with hair – lasts 3 to 6 weeks, side effects are redness, bumps and it’s also possible that infection can occur around the hair follicles.

IPL Hair Removal Brighton – Using Ecolite Technology

IPL short for Intense Pulsed Light – is the revolutionary laser technology, delivering virtually pain-free and non-invasive laser treatments. IPL laser hair removal can be used on any area of the body, quickly and easily – with amazing results.

The roots are destroyed with high intensity flashes of filtered light, administered through the IPL applicator head. A pigment in the hair called melanin absorbs the light energy, transferring it to surrounding cells and raising cell temperatures. This heat alters the cells, making them incapable of further hair growth!

Don’t just take our word for it, Dr Cameron Rokshar, MD – the renowned New York City dermatologist has been quoted as saying …

“Laser hair removal really is the most effective way to have long-term hair reduction,” “It’s as permanent as it gets…”

IPL Hair Removal Brighton – Treatment Times

Treatment times vary according to the area treated, and are surprisingly short. The upper lip takes just 5 minutes, basic bikini 10-15 minutes and half a leg 20 minutes.

With warmer weather approaching in the next month or two – now is the perfect time to start the permanent treatment for removing unwanted hair.

If you have any questions or queries regarding IPL Hair Removal Brighton – feel free to contact us on 01273 555 592 – and why not take advantage of our current 25% discount on all laser treatments!

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