I was informed lately by one of my friends that a large clinic in town were claiming that laser hair removal  was a more effective way of removing unwanted hair, than IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Shortly following this I was asked by a client which method of hair removal is the best, IPL or Laser? As far as I was aware there is little difference between the two methods and both applications will produce similar results, however, I wanted to be able to substantiate this.

During my research I found a journal which supports my assumption, the report found that lasers and light (IPL) devices have similar outcomes in patients with skin types I–III. It also stated that laser was considered to be more painful, based on this I would suggest that IPL would be a better choice.

Read more:  http://www.palomarmedical.com/uploaddocs/goldberg-hair_clinical-comparison-of-four-hair-removal-lasers.pdf


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