Lipofirm Pro non-surgical fat loss treatment

I’m often asked how exactly a girl should choose the best one of the many skin tightening non-surgical treatments available today. It’s difficult to answer this question as there are many factors that matter in this case, like the exact type of your problem, the area you want to reshape, your existing medical conditions, etc. However, there is one treatment that is equally safe for everyone and is highly efficient in reshaping the contours of your body.

This solution is called Lipofirm Pro and it’s based on a combination of two technologies, TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA). Today I’ll explain how exactly this treatment affects your body so that you can understand why it will be a valuable addition to your fat loss program.

Lipofirm Pro Benefits

  1. It’s safe.
    The safety of the procedure has been proven through numerous clinical tests.
  2. It tightens the skin.
    The treatment makes your body regenerate collagen, which is directly responsible for maintaining the firm structure of your skin.
  3. The effect is visible after the first treatment.
    Depending on your personal situation and whether you are using this treatment for fat reduction or as a tool for non-surgical skin tightening, you may only require 6 to 8 treatments (4-6 if your goal is a facelift).
  4. It’s completely painless.
    This is a “walk in and walk out” kind of treatment that doesn’t require any down period and the only sensations you will experience during the procedure should be limited to a pleasant heat and prickling in the treated area.

How Lipofirm Pro Works

To understand why this treatment is effective, you need to know what kind of reactions it triggers in your body. The secret of Lipofirm Pro’s efficiency as a non-surgical fat loss treatment lies in the combination of RF and DMA technologies that simultaneously liquefies the fat trapped in small pockets under your skin and stimulates blood and lymph circulation that facilitates its removal from the problem areas on your body. This is a 2-step process, but both steps happen simultaneously.

  • The RF energy “heats up” the fat in the treated area of your body, which speeds up its metabolism. The natural conclusion of this process is the release of liquid fat into the extra-cellular matrix.
  • The DMA pulses speed up the aforementioned release process by stimulating your muscles, making them contract and literally push out the fat. The fat loss effect is enhanced further by the combination of the internal effect of the pulses and external pressure of the applicator.

Aside from being an efficient fat reduction method, Lipofirm Pro acts as a powerful skin tightening non-surgical treatment due to the fact that such a vigorous stimulation of all the skin layers triggers the production of collagen, a protein that keeps your skin firm and smooth. Therefore, this procedure removes both fat and wrinkles, changing the shape of the treated area completely.

Skin layer before and after Lipofirm Pro treatment

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