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I was pleased to see The Lunch Hour Bum Lift – This Morning feature today, highlighting the efficacy of a treatment we offer here at New Dawn.

At New Dawn Boutique, we utilise Lipofirm Plus technology, to permanently remove unwanted fat cells.

Lunch Hour Bum Lift – Benefits

• Fast Results
• Safe and Pain Free
• Significantly Reduces Cellulite
• Permanently Removes Unwanted Fat Cells
• Tightens & Firms Loose Skin
• Medically Certified
• No Need for Exercise or Diet during Treatment

This award winning inch loss, body contouring and skin tightening system is now available in Brighton’s Fiveways at New Dawn Boutique…

Lipofirm Plus

– what is it?
This amazing treatment permanently removes fat cells, tightens, and firms the skin in the area of your choice. It significantly reduces cellulite as well as giving you substantial inch loss.

Immediate results of typically 2-4cm loss with every Lipofirm session.

Lipofirm is extremely affordable and hugely cheaper than liposuction or invasive surgery. It’s completely safe and painless – and unlike alternative laser LIPO treatments, there’s no need to exercise or diet whilst having a course of treatments.

Lipofirm Plus – how does it work?
A specific area of your body is targeted using Cavitation to breakdown fat cells. A hand piece emitting ultrasound is then massaged over the target area, to disperse the fat cells, (the ultrasound turns the fat cells into liquid, which is then naturally emitted with urine).

Lipofirm Plus – How safe is it?
It is a safe procedure that can be applied to anyone. However, a detailed consultation should be carried out, along with a report of the complete medical history.
Not Convinced Yet?

We’re so confident in the results of the Lipofirm Plus fat removal treatment, that we’re offering a 10% discount on our trial offer for a single session! Book your Lunch Hour Bum Lift – This Morning!

Trial Treatment: £90 (Usual price £100)

4 Session Course: £720 (Usual price £800)

As seen on ITV – this amazing technique really works – check it out here

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