Mesotherapy treatment is a safe non-surgical anti-ageing, based on ancient Oriental acupuncture techniques, it is an increasingly common cosmetic procedure (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT).  Providing similar results to laser, chemical peels and dermabrasion treatments, however, it is considerably less invasive (no skin trauma) and is only a fraction of the cost.

Also the advantage of having no down time means you can carry on with your day straight after the treatment, or even have it in your lunch break.

Do you have wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, aged or sun damaged skin that you would like to address? If so a Mesotherapy treatment could be just the thing for you!

With a Mesotherapy treatment anti-aging can be a thing of the past, designed to help improve the appearance of skin characteristics by using a mixture of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and minerals; mesotherapy can rejuvenate, dehydrate and tighten skin.

There are three different treatments to suit your need and during your consultation we will assess which mesococktail will be most suitable;


This treatment uses a superior mesococktail to reduce deep wrinkles – a special formulation that’s a premium grade alternative to Botox and the most advanced skin care, wrinkle meso-roller on the market today.  Non-toxic and completely safe, it contains the three most effective substances clinically proven to reduce stretch marks, increase skin laxity and boost collagen.


Facial firming at its best! Relift is an anti-ageing mesotherapy product that intensely revitalises, redensifies and hydrates tired, mature or slack skin.


Cellulite is a common microcirculation problem, which causes damage to the fatty tissue under the skin.  It affects 95% of women and around 5% men.  Lipoact effectively reduces cellulite, targeting each of the four stages responsible for the development of cellulite and fatty deposits:

1) Lipolysis of excessive fat stores;

2) Acts as a diuretic to eliminate excess water, helping to reduce swelling and improve local blood;

3) Restores microcirculation in order to establish tissue exchange;

4) Restructures and protects the connective tissue.


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