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Facials can do wonders to your appearance, but only a facial treatment performed with the use of the highest quality products will produce lasting results. Natural Elements facials consist of products like that. By choosing these treatments, you give your skin a chance to experience the full power of carefully selected natural ingredients. Nature is the best healer and these products can effectively change the very structure of your cells to make them stronger and keep you looking younger.

Why Are Natural Elements Facials So Effective Against Ageing?

In order to understand why exactly these products can help you fight the effects of ageing so efficiently you need to know what causes the wrinkles and ‘age spots’ to appear in the first place.

The main reasons behind these unappealing signs of ageing are:

  • Damage from free radicals.
    Free radicals attack our cells every second, and there is no way to stop this process. Therefore, damage limitation should be your main target. Eating foods rich in antioxidants, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and seeds, can help protect your body from the detrimental effects of free radicals. However, your skin will require an additional boost of active ingredients that will combat the destruction of collagen locally and enhance the anti-ageing effect of a well-balanced diet.
    Natural Elements products are loaded with the best antioxidants and other essential ingredients nature has to offer, so they really slow down the passage of time for your skin.
  • UV radiation.
    The awareness of the real danger of UV rays has been growing recently, but many people still underestimate the damage caused by this form of radiation. Unfortunately, sunlight is the #1 enemy of your beauty, and it does more damage to your skin than even free radicals. UV radiation affects your skin to the deepest level and speeds up the process of natural ageing, weakening the outer layer of your dermis. The damage from sunrays accumulates with time, which leads to the appearance of ‘age spots’ and deep wrinkles.
    Natural Elements facials are designed with these facts in mind and they contain ingredients that target these particular forms of damage. They slow down the process of ageing, rejuvenate the damaged skin, heal the hurt caused by UV rays, boost collagen production, and otherwise repair the damaged skin on the cellular level as well as trigger and enhance its natural protective mechanisms.

Skin is a complex organ and it requires the use of numerous ingredients to keep it strong, smooth, and glowing with beauty. Our Natural Elements facials provide you with these elements and produce results that are nothing short of incredible.

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