February is upon us – well known for its wet, cold and downright miserable weather, springtime can feel like a lifetime away…

New Dawn Boutique has the perfect treatment to lift more than just your spirits…

If you’ve not heard of it – then allow us introduce the ‘non surgical facelift’ using radio frequency.

With no need for going under the knife – this non-invasive procedure reverses the signs of ageing, tightens sagging skin, and reduces wrinkles.

The Treatment: No surgery, no pain and no recovery time.

The Outcome: Tightened skin, enlarged pores and brighter, enhanced skin tone.

Non Surgical Facelift Treatment

how does it work?
Electrical pulses are emitted directly onto the skin using a hand piece. This heats the dermis, (the deepest dermal layer) without damaging the epidermis (the surface skin layer).

This process stimulates new collagen growth, which improves skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance skin density.

Non Surgical FaceliftThe science behind the treatment:

Tissue Retraction:
The heat contracts local collagen fibres, immediately tightening the skin and rejuvenating the effects of ageing.

New Collagen Formation:
The activated fibres stimulate collagen production that acts as a new deep skin foundation. Further tightening becomes evident over the next few months.

Improved Circulation:
The treatment improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, providing increased oxygen supply and greater toxin elimination.

Non Surgical FaceliftBenefits:

• Improves the skins texture and its circulation
• A very safe alternative to cosmetic surgery
• Enlarged pores are tightened + any scar tissue is softened
• Reduces puffiness & fluid retention around the eyes
• Tones facial muscles
• Softens any lines and wrinkles
• Clinically proven and pain free
• Visible results after just one treatment

Will a Non Surgical Facelift work for me?

The simple answer is yes! Our clients have been quoted as saying that a non surgical facelift using radio frequency has held their entire face up – and are now using it over and above their regular Botox treatment!

Clients notice the difference after just one session and one in particular, went on to lose 7lbs, all because of the positive effect it had on her appearance!

Contact us today for your personal consultation. Each session is just £100.00 – however, a 30% discount will be applied for a course of 8 treatments.

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