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We are constantly being bombarded by images of film stars, musicians and models
that look flawless in a bid to keep up with societies ideals of perfection, but at what

When I was young my grand parents looked and acted like grand parents, these days
it’s not uncommon for grand parents to be mistaken as parents and mothers as sisters,
etc. Of course I want to maintain my youthful appearance but I don’t want to look like
a pumped up version of myself, I want to look my age and look good for it!

Botox, fillers and surgery are all costly procedures that carry various risks and
complications and in many cases it is evident who are using them as a means to turn
back time.

Non Surgical Facelift Brighton

With the advancement of alternative non-surgical treatments it is now possible to
achieve a younger looking appearance by using the bodys’ natural processes.

Medical organisations, such as, Harley Street are now offering a non evasive skin
tightening treatment namely, Thermage, this essentially uses tripolar radio frequency.

At New Dawn in Brighton we also offer this innovative treatment using the Lipofirm plus radio
frequency skin tightening system – A non surgical facelift.


I usually have botox and should have had a top up 3 months ago but these facials
seem to be holding my whole face up.

Wow my skin felt better straight away, and I noticed it looked tighter after my first

Seeing the change in my appearance has had a knock on effect, I have started dieting
and have lost 7lbs, which is all down to the treatments I have had.


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