There has been growing consciousness in the field of organic mineral cosmetics, with growing evidence regarding the detrimental use of chemical cosmetics on your skin. Many of the cosmetic products produced by the leading big brand beauty companies often advertise the use of organic ingredients; however, these products are often not what they seem. The following links highlight some of the chemicals you may find in many high street cosmetics and offer an interesting read:

Organic Make-up

My aim is to use products which contain only organic natural ingredients and to do this with UK based companies who are eco-friendly and economic, beauty shouldn’t cost the earth (literally)! By our very nature we are organic so why put chemicals on our skin. This is why you will find absolutely no pharmaceuticals in the face care range, and as many other products where it is feasible, here at New Dawn. This has led me to source and now stock the Natural Elements and Therapeutics Cosmetic range, a range which is all anti-aging and only contains unadulterated ingredients and nothing more.

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