Just as adult waistlines have radically increased, so too have children’s; recent studies have shown that here and in other countries, predominantly the USA and Australia, one in three children reaching their final year at primary school will be overweight.

The change in weight gain for our overweight kids has developed in less than a generation and the biggest influence here is dietary. It’s not just a deficiency of fruit and vegetables that is causing our children to gain fat but what they are replacing them with. Refined carbohydrates from sugary cereals, snacks and drinks are now a high percentage of some overweight kid’s diets, increasing the longer term risk of diabetes, cardiac issues and general ill health.

As a parent I want my child to be healthy and happy! If your child lacks energy, suffers with mood swings, lack concentration, problematic skin etc; perhaps they are vitamin and mineral deficient. I now have a large range of products and nutritional advice to help you make the changes required for a happy healthy life. Call 01273 555592 now for your free health valuation.

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