Our skin is a living organ that adapts to the changes in our bodies. It expands to accommodate the increase in weight, and naturally tightens when you shed those extra pounds. However, the speeds of skin tightening and fat loss may be too different. Today I want to talk about the reasons that prevent your skin from tightening naturally.

Is It Excessive Loose Skin or Do You Still Have Too Much Fat?

You’ll need to answer this question before you start exploring skin tightening methods, as these treatments will work only after you get rid of excess body fat that causes the problem. Sometimes, you lose a lot of weight but a layer of body fat left is too thick to allow your skin to tighten naturally. To check this, pinch your skin in the concerned area. If you can pinch more than 2-3 millimeters of skin, you still have some body fat to lose.

Reasons We Need a Skin Tightening Treatment

The problem of the loose skin occurs because our skin loses its natural elasticity due to the destruction of collagen. Therefore, the natural way to tighten your skin is to restore the collagen that keeps it smooth and taunt.

Unfortunately, ageing and some of our lifestyle choices (smoking, poor diet) speed up the process of collagen destruction. In addition, our bodies lose the ability to produce this important substance as we grow older. This prevents your skin from tightening up naturally after you lose weight.

Some people resort to surgery in order to remove excess skin fast. However, any invasive procedure is a serious risk to your health. We offer a safe alternative to surgical skin tightening in the form of radio frequency treatment. This procedure stimulates the production of collagen and strengthens the structure of your skin naturally. The treatment is completely painless and doesn’t require a recovery period, like a surgery. Just look how it works:


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