Stretch marks may occur when there are sudden changes in body growth. There are numerous causes of stretch marks, such as, rapid growth or weight gain, however, they are mostly associated with pregnancy; with an astonishing 75% and 90% of women developing stretch marks as a result of pregnancy.

Whilst some women and their partners may see stretch marks a beautiful reminder of the amazing gift that has been bestowed on them, many new mums see stretch marks as the bane of their life. Worse still, stretch marks for some ladies can ultimately be the cause of a lack of confidence and of feeling sexy etc, leading to the purchase of costly creams which make idle promises.

Stretch Mark Treatment – New Dawn Boutique

Here at New Dawn we understand the vulnerability you may be feeling and can offer a number of clinically proven stretch mark treatments that will reduce the signs of stretch marks and cellulite to help you regain your confidence these include:


Mesotherapy is the latest in advanced skin micro-needling – a form of Collagen Induction Therapy designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Using the most supreme and advanced mesococktail available on the market today, this premium grade skin care product is completely safe, non toxic and contains 3 of the most effective ingredients clinically proven to reduce stretch marks, increase skin laxity and increase collagen.

Radio Frequency

One of the fastest growing trends in stretch mark treatment utilises radio frequencies to stimulate collagen production. Radio frequency are completely pain free, becoming more popular than laser treatments as they don’t carry the risk of burning the skin.  It will take between four and six treatments to fully reduce the stretch mark, however, this type of treatment works better on recent stretch marks.

The ageLoc Galvanic Body Spa

The AgeLOC galvanic spa will not only remove all the tell tale signs of ageing from the first moment you use it, with only 5 minutes of application twice a week, it also reduces the stretch marks and flabbiness in the tummy area that remains post pregnancy.


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