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Radio frequency facials are the ultimate non-invasive treatment, used to effectively reverse the signs of ageing and tighten sagging, loose skin and wrinkles.

At some time the tell-tale signs of ageing are going to sneak up on you, eyebrows start to droop, lines become more prominent, (we tell ourselves they are just laughter lines), the jaw line starts heading south and we look older than we feel.

In a desperate bid to turn back time many of us stock our shelves with expensive creams we see advertised promising to make us look 10 years older, but rarely do they deliver, rather leave us disappointed with large dent in our bank balance,.

In desperation many men and women other opt for even more expensive anti-ageing solutions such as, Botox, fillers and painful surgery, which all come with dangerous side effects and in some instances fatal consequences.

Now there is an alternative to all of this; the radio frequency facial is a fantastic alternative for women and men who want to grow old gracefully without going under the surgeon’s knife and looking as if they have been in a wind tunnel!

Radio frequency is a non-surgical face lift, is a relaxing thermal treatment that naturally stimulates collagen production and strengthens the skin’s structure with the need for no surgery, no pain and no recovery time; to achieve tightened skin, reduced pores and brighter, improved skin tone.

All achieved with minimal risks.

Tissue Retraction – the generated heat contracts local collagen fibres, immediately tightening the skin and rejuvenating the effects of ageing.