The Lipofirm plus Tri-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) treatment is a superior 3rd generation RF technology. Tri-Polar benefits from all of the prior RF technologies whilst overcoming the restrictions of previous Mono-Polar (Thermage) and Bi-Polar modalities. Tri-Polar treatments offer instant visible facial and body contouring effects from the first treatment and long long-term aesthetic results without surgery or downtime making it a more superior treatment than Thermage.

In comparison, Thermage was the first generation of RF, this technology, utilises one electrode to carry an electrical energy from the hand piece to a back plate connected to the body, returning the energy and closing the electrical circuit. There is no control over the depth of penetration as the electrical current passes through a large part of the body and flowed through the vascular system.

Second generation, Bi-Polar, utilises two electrodes, with the current flowing between the two. Although, this allows concentration on the treatment area it still doesn’t accomplish effective focus.

Since both Mono-Polar and Bi-Polar RF technologies do not use concentrated energy, they require a larger level of energy to achieve clinical results. Using a larger level of energy causes the skin near to the electrodes to heat. This results in pain and a bigger risk of burns and skin damage. In order to minimise these risks these older technologies required cooling applications, which resulted in less efficient heating of the skin layers.

The innovative Lipofirm plus system delivers deep radio frequency energy penetration to the skin without damaging healthy tissues. During a treatment fibroblasts are strengthened, collagen fibers contract, thus enhancing collagen regeneration. It also addresses superficial and deeper fat layers and diminishes fat cells. The double benefits of Tri-Polar radio frequency treatments are both instantaneous and on-going for skin tightening and circumference reduction.

Would you like beautiful fresh looking skin in just 2 months without the use of harsh chemicals or dermabrasion and weeks of recovery? Look no further, using the innovative Lipofirm treatment, even tight and smoother fresher skin can be achieved with no downtime! Read more.