Have you got problem areas that are stubborn and no matter how much exercise you take there is little to no difference, fret not at New Dawn we have the perfect solutions for both loose skin and cellulite. Skin tightening can now be achieved to address sagging skin on the neck, décolleté, face and body; one of the common issues associated with the aging process. As collagen breaks down in the body and production slows down the skin losses its quality.

We use the Lipofirm Plus, mono-polar, radio-frequency (RF) sound waves to deliver a safe, non-invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls and also the area under the chin/neck. This is a great way of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and improving skin tone and texture and will brighten dull skin. It can be also be used on the body for tightening and skin improvement.

The Lipofirm Plus system is frequently used to encourage the collagen production and thus reinforces the skin structure. RF enables skin tightening and enhancement of the skin’s appearance painlessly, without post-op downtime of classic surgery application or other invasive methods.

Radio frequency is not a surgical procedure and has become a proven, effective and popular system to aid skin tightening. In order to get excellent results through heat RF is capable of reaching the deepest levels of the skin without damaging the epidermis. After the treatment the patient can go back to a daily routine immediately.