Ingrown hairs are very unattractive, and they can be outright dangerous. In severe cases, the hair might get inflamed and you would require a minor surgery to remove it properly.
These procedures are sure to leave permanent scarring, which is a huge issue considering the fact that you can develop ingrown hair anywhere on your body, including your face.Both shaving and waxing are guaranteed to result in ingrown hair at some point. This issue is caused by the irritation that occurs during the hair removal procedure and a few other factors. Note that some people have a predisposition for this condition and are less likely to develop an inflammation. There is no known way to control this, so the best thing you can do to avoid this problem is to use a hair removal method that won’t cause your hairs to grow in the opposite direction, namely an IPL laser treatment.

How Does an IPL Laser Prevent Ingrown Hair?

One of the reasons that make IPL laser hair removal so efficient is that it cuts off the blood supply to hair follicles. This prevents their growth as a whole, so the risk of developing ingrown hairs is reduced because there is no growing hair left to create the problem.

However, ingrown hair prevention isn’t the only benefit of the IPL laser treatment. It can also destroy the ‘problem’ hairs that are currently causing you problems. This method can be used to treat the problem at any but the most severe stages, as IPL laser can’t be used over inflamed skin.

According to the many reviews from people who tried this particular treatment, the results of it might last for over 4 years. Due to the nature of the IPL laser, using it over the body parts that have previously suffered from ingrown hairs will help remove the scarring caused by the condition and ensure that your skin becomes silky smooth.

The efficiency of the treatment will be determined by the severity of the scarring and your personal reaction to the IPL therapy. However, if the procedure is performed by qualified and experienced professionals, like the ones working for New Dawn Boutique, you can expect truly amazing results.

IPL laser hair removal treatment is completely painless and safe, and it’s the only viable solution that actually has the power to prevent ingrown hairs. If you want your skin to stay smooth and silky for years, without the markings of tiny inflammations, book our IPL laser treatment today.

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