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Lipofirm PRO is the go-to treatment for body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Due to the success of the treatment, it has been called the Love Island bum lift as many of the Love Island contestants have had the treatment.
is the go-to treatment for body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. It is well known as the Love Island bum lift as many of the Love Island contestants have had this very treatment.
The award-winning 30-minute treatment for…
• Inch loss
• Cellulite reduction
• Face and body contouring
• Skin tightening and firming
• Focused fat reduction

How it works

Lipofirm PRO utilises two unique patented technologies, Tri-Lipo radio frequency and DMA (dynamic muscle activation), which work synergistically in reducing fat and giving a lift/skin tightening effect. The Tri-lipo radio frequency allows heating of the dermis and underlying tissues including fat in an even and safe way. DMA (dynamic muscle activation) stimulates muscles which then force fat cells upwards against the downward pressure of the device applicator. These opposing forces effectively “squeeze” the fat cells thereby encouraging fat removal. Muscle contraction also encourages faster drainage of fat by the lymphatic system and elimination of metabolic waste by increasing circulation. The heating of the dermis also results in collagen fibres contracting giving a tightening and lifting effect.

The Lipofirm PRO technology has an array of clinical white papers proving its efficacy and safety unlike many of the far eastern platforms currently entering the UK. It is totally non-surgical, there is zero recovery time, and most patients can see a lifted result after the first session.

Treatment Benefits –

• Focused Fat Reduction
• Cellulite Improvement
• Long Term Circumferential Decrease
• Skin Tightening and Firming
• Facial Contouring
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Lifting, Toning and Firming of Muscles
• Detoxification and Improved Drainage
• Enhanced Blood Circulation and Oxygenation

Why Choose Lipofirm PRO over other Technologies?
At New Dawn we pride ourselves in offering the most advanced and effective non-invasive treatments; we understand that there are many other alternatives out there and feel it is important to educate our patients on the point of difference between Lipofirm PRO and other technologies that are making unsubstantial claims.

Check out our FAQs to understand why this patented technology has become the most talked about method for body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.


How many Lipofirm Pro treatments would you recommend?

The recommended is around six treatments but some results can be achieved sooner depending on the clients and following the after care advice.

What is the aftercare?

Water is extremely important. It helps to flush any toxins from the body that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. It is recommended to drink around 2/3 litres per day after treatment. It is also advised not to consume foods high in sugar or fat content after treatment.

Alcohol is to be avoided 24 hours before and a few days after body treatments.

Can I exercise?

Yes, we encourage you to exercise afterwards in order to enhance the results of the treatment.

Can you have Lipofirmpro all over?

Yes, it can be done on any part of the body even the face.

How often can I have the treatment?

The treatment can be done every 5/7 days and can be done on as many parts of the body as you require.

Does Lipofirmpro hurt?

No there is no pain involved. We do use muscle stimulation, which can feel slightly unusual but you will be fine.

Will you see results after one session?

Yes, some clients do see instant results. But Lipofirmpro continues to work for up to 12 weeks after the treatment. Unlike some where the results are instant and don’t last, this is the treatment that keeps on giving.

Can men have the treatment?


How long will the results last?

When the fat is removed from the body that’s it gone, how long that lasts is determined by what you put back into your body.

Can I have my legs or other body parts done even if I am pregnant?

No unfortunately not.

Is there any downtime afterwards?

No there is no downtime we do recommend a healthy diet and exercise.

“I had skin resurfacing with Dawn and was amazed at the clarity and texture of my skin within 2 weeks. My skin was sun damaged, dehydrated and ageing (even though I look after my skin and have a good regime, I know the sun has caused a few problems). I would definitely have the treatment again and look forward to looking fresh.”




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